Meie kutsikad, kes jäävad elama Eestisse
Yamico, Yaya ja Yesse
läksid oma päris kodudesse.
Soovin palju, õnne ja rõõmu !!!!
Pildidl Yamico, Yaya; Yesse oma perega.

10.03.2019 Our puppies are now 2 months old
I added new pictures and weight about every puppy.
Please click on picture and see more.

28.02.2019 Our Y litter 6 weeks old. I added new pictures.
Please click on picture and see more
We have some puppies available

We have some show quality puppies available!

*12.02.2019 our puppies are 4 weeks old.
Every puppy have own catalog and I added very new pictures.
Please click on picture and see more.

12.01.2019 We have wonderful "Y" litter.
Some puppies are available for new loving homes!!!


Here I added new pictures about Freya

05.11.2018. Great news from Show ring about Weber.

22.10.2018 Please click on picture and You can see my autumn album 2018.

22.10.2018  here click on picture

and You can see very fresh pictures about our red China boy Maru.

22.10.2018 I added new pictures about our youngest male Weber.

15.09.2018 New pictures about Maru

15.09.2018 New pictures about Weber

2018 15 September New pictures in the Photo Bank Nature

Status Benevoles Weyron ( Maru x Lexi ) living in Hungaria

Many thanks to owner Gyula for nice pictures.

Status Benevoles Wilson ( Maru x Lexi) living in Romania.

Very similar to father Maru. Many thanks for pictures to owner Popescu.

11.08.2018  New pictures about Weber in summer time here

Video Weber at Show us junior 01.06.2018

30.05.2018 All our X litter puppies are found new loving homes.

I am so thankful to owners, who trust us and I wish to all You GOOD LUCK!

05.-06. 05.2018 Latvia Kurzeme Talsi

We made short show trip with Weber and Freija to Latvia.

Weber won junior class CAC and Freija won open class Latvian CAC.


 14.05.2018  We have one excellent girl Xarita available.


Also nice boy  Xedric became available, he not suitable for shows.


They looking loving home and surely will loyal and good friend still all life.


15.04.2018 We have excellent black and tan girls available.

They looking for new loving home and will be great guardians who sure fill every day with joy!

07.03.2018 New pictures about every puppy at one and half months old.

23.02.2018 I added new pictures about every puppy at 16 days old.

12.02.2018 Please click on picture and see more about our new littler.

11.02.2018 Please click on picture and see more our kennel show news!

07.02.2018 We have puppies!

15.01.2018 New pictures  in the Photo Bank 2018.

Here my very first description at same Christmas Show at 1997 December

with my first Tibetan Mastif male Ernie.

So it was 20 year ago!!!

11.11.2017 Tallinn Pet City Arena Match Show and Weber Marumovits

19.10.2017 Some new autumn pictures about Maru.

25.09.2017 Our Status Benevoles Weber son to Maru and Lexi by different experts was chosen to best of breed puppy three times.

Please click on picture and see more.

We planning this coming season repeat Maru x Lexi combination.


04.09.2017 Show news

Please click on picture and see more

20.08.2017 Status Benevoes Weber, Maru x Lexi 6 months old son, 

made show debut with great result: BOB PUPPY.

02.06.2017 Estonian National Show for 2. and 3. Groups in Luige

Our Maru daughter RuFi won her last junior certificate and became now Estonina Junior Champion

13.05.2017 In Hungary Mickols Marathon Dog Show

Status Benevoles Weyron took part us baby puppy only at 14 weeks old with nice results.

Clic on picture and see more.

Great show news from Finland!

Please click on picture and see more.


We not have any puppy an available!


30.01.2017 We have puppies from our red China male Maru and Taiwanese female Lexi!

Please click on picture and see every puppy picture catalogue

We have one black tan boy  an available!

23.01.2017 Show news from Russia

05.01.2017 New Photo Bank:  NATURE by my camera

03.01.2017 New Maru 2017 Photo Bank is open. Please click on picture and see more.

05.01.2016 TM uuest nahahaigusest

13.12.2016 Good show news from Finland

Please click on picture and see more.

14.11.2016 Maru son GP Uzigont did great show debut in Riga


07.11.2016 Maru daughter Giant Pitomec Urfina aka Ruhvi at 10 months age  was very first time

in show ring in junior class with great result: best of breed junior.

Please click on picture and see more.

18.10.2016 Please click on picture and see more about our breeding plans.

08.10.2016 Some new photos about Maru in October 2016



Great show news ! Our youth class male Remy and female Lexi were both

2 and 9. group show best!

03.08.2016 I added some new picture into Photo Bank " Our TMs and children"

02.08.2016 I added some new pictures in to Phpto Bank 2016

11.06.2016 New Remy boy Photo Bank is open

I open 2015-2016 Photo Bank





06.06.2016 Here some my collages




06.06.2016 I added new pictures in to photo bank " Our TM and children"









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