Here our show results

After some frosty autumn nights here, our Tibetan Mastiff became covering again with nice new coats.
So same happen with our youngest male Weber.
Us by my mind Weber looks be in so nice condition I decided take part with him at show.
This time Weber was first time in competition for CAC and CACIB us adult male.
Expert Elena Chueva like him a lot and appreciated him highly.
Weber was best male and best of breed, got CAC and CACIB.
Many thanks to expert Elena Chueva.

01.06.2018 National Vanamõisa 2 and 9 group Show
Gigant Pitomec Freija Status Benevoles- open class female excellent, open class winner

05.-06.05.2018 We spent two days in Talsi .
Was wonderful spring time with nice weather and little city Talsi is simple amazing with two lakes middler of the city.
So we took part with Weber and Freija at Talsi National Show in Kurzeme Latvia
05.05.2018 expert Ernesto Balsiukas from Lithuinia 6 TMs -
SB Weber junior class male excellent, Latvian Junion CAC, BOB junior, best male 2
Gigant Pitomec Status Benevoles Freija - open class very good
06.05.2018 Expert Olga Timofeeva from Russia 6 TMs-
Status Benevoles Weber very good ( too big size , too big head)
Gigant Pitomec Status Benevoles Freija - open class excellent, Latvian CAC, best female 2.

Status Benevoles Weyron was in Hungarian Shows with results:

16.03.2018 Pecs Club Show expert Ekaterina Senashenko Russia  -
Excellent, Jun CAC, Jun BOS
18.03.2018 Pecs International Show expert Oliver Simon Horvatia-
Excellent, Jun CAC
25.03.2018 Salotarjan National Show expert Gröschl Ferenc Hungary-
Excellent, Jun CAC, Jun BOB, BOB, Hungarian Junior Champion

09.02.2018 Tallinn Tibet Dog of Estonia

Status Benevoles Weber - junior class excellent 2

Gigant Pitomec Freija Status Benevoles- youth class excellent, SERT Q, 2 placement

Gigant Pitomec Urfina aka RuFi- open class excellent, Sert Q, 4 placemen

08.12.2017 Helsinki Winner 2017 Show
Expert from Finland Matti Luoso
Weber - junior very good.

11.11.2017 Status Benevoles Weber Marumovits took part at Match Show
in puppy class where expert Natalia Rõõm from Estonia.
Weber was blue 2. placement.
I was so happy because Weber did so good and got nice compliments.

Us I not have picture at match Show I added here one latest autumn picture about him.




Remy 02.09.2017 Luige National Show expert Sebastian Harnik from Poland- open class excellent 1
Remy o3.09.2017 Tallinn 2 and 9 group Show expert Marko Lepasaar from Estonia- open class excellent 2

Description by expert Anita Whitmarsh from Sweden:

6 months , masculine, naturally very immature. Fantastic promising head with all correct details.
Very wolly puppy coat, moves a little puppysh, needs to have more animation in steps. Temperament OK.

RuFi got special price us best mover among females-
judges Rafael Escar Tabuena Spain and Luis Gorjao Portugal

Estonian National 2 and 3 Group Show
02.06.2017 in Harjumaa Luige

Judge : Hedi Kumm Estonia

Remy boy took part in open class with result:
Excellent 3

13.05.2017-14.05.2017  In Hungary Mickolc Marathon Dog Show
Status Benevoles Weyron in baby puppy class:

Judge mr. Ümit Kuzelj- very promising
Judge mr. Denis Kuzelj- very promising 1 placement
Judge mr. Jevgeni Rozenberg- very promising 2 placement

Congratulation owner Gyula!!!

In Finaland Tampere International Show 07.05.2017
our Maru son PG Udjer was us junior with so great result!!!
Congratulations to Jukka, to Eeva-Liisa, to Johanna and to Vadim !!!

11.02.2017  Maru son Giant Pitomec Uzigont call name Uzik only at one year old
in Russia took part 11.02.207  at same day of two national show in S. Petersburg with super results:

first show named " Sozvezdie Severnoi Stolitsõ" expert Savvas Hadjisaavas Cyprius:

Best of breed Junior, Best of Breed

second show named "Zvezdnõi Put" expert Dragan Stojanovic, Andrei Zutkewicz Poland:

Best of Breed Junior, Best of Breed

Congratulations to breeder/owner Olga and Vadim Smirov!!

23.01.2017 Reason to be proud about Maru son Uzigont !!!!

Only at age one year Maru son Uzigont won in Russia Club Winner 2017 Show us junior with super result:

BOB Junior and Russian Club Junior Champion 2017;
Best ob Breed and Russian Club Winner 2017.

Congratulations to owner and breeder Olga and Vadim Smirnov!!!!

17.12.2016 Ruhvi was shown by me at Christmas Show in Tallinn .
Ruhvi was studios, did well and  was chosen best of opposite of breed.

Descrpition judge A. Ristikivi

Very good type, very good ears set, brown eyes,
good corners in front and also behind.
Very good top line and underline,
strong bones, excellent mover.

More nice show news made to us Maru son Udjer from Finland.

So Giant Pitomec Udjer son to Maru x Zlata took part very first time in Finland Helsingi
International Show " Finland Winner 2016"  with so good result for first time.

Excellent,  second placement.

Here his description from Sweden expert Karl-Erik Johanson:

Excellent type, beautiful head, dark eyes,
stop could be a bit stronger, good posture, good neck,
straight back, well carried tail, good width chest,
excellent angulation, moves very well,
excellent ears, excellent coat, beautiful tail,
Happy and corcky.

Congratulations to owners Jukka and Eeva-Liisa,
great thanks for good preparation and handling Joanna,
special thanks for so nice picture to Kaire Meristo!

Time to be proud again about Maru kid.
This time female GP Ursalina at 10 months old took part us junior with great result:
Best of breed junior.
Ursalina won earlier twice in Sankt Petersburg BOB junior.
WE really happy about this and congratulations from us to owners Irina Tsesnakova and Andrei Afanasjev!!!

14.11.2016 GP Uzigont son to our red boy Maru,  was at 10 months age
first time in junior class International Dog Show in Latvia Riga "Baltic Winner 2016"
with great result: excellent , 1 placement, Latvian Junior certificate,
Best of Breed Junior, Baltic Junior Winner 2016
Congratulations to owners Olga and Vadim!

Our young male from Taiwan did it again!
Now he was in youth class with result: class winner, CAC, best male, BOB.

Lexi was very first time in the show ring, but she did great and finished with result:
youth class winner, CAC, best female, BOO.

Both Remy and Lexi were shown by handler Reena Uustal.
Many, many thanks to Reena for such a great job!!!

26.06.2016 In Moskow World Dog Show Giang Pitomec Uzigont  son to Maru
won in baby class first placemant and was BOS baby
by thus now have new title- Baby World Hope 2016.
Congratuations to ownerV. Smirnov

In Finland Rauma International Dog Show  Status Benevoles Vishnu Maru x Pema son
was best of breed junior.
Big congratulations to owner Marge Reiman

Status Benevoles VabSabi ( Maru  x Pema son) junior class excellent.

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